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Spotlight: Pastrana Studio

One of your goals at Oddbird is to bring attention to artisans and makers who are creating purpose-made products that are as inspiring as they are functional. We are pleased to introduce you to our friends at Pastrana Studio in Denton, Tx.  (pictured above) Our handwoven linen Turkish towels make a great tablecloth to pair with @pastranastudio service board! We think this whole set is a perfect picnic set up or gift this holiday season... Here's some more imagery of their stellar craftsmanship:   "Our pieces begin with an idea, a pencil, and a sketchbook. This is the most important part of the process. We think through where joints meet, what the joints look like, and how they’ll be connected. We...

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OAKTOPIA: Denton, Tx

Come visit me at #Oaktopia today! #OddBirdCo has a little pop-up going on with @rachel_madelinewood and would love to see y'all!  This is one of the handmade dresses from Turkey that is available. We are located right by the main stage where #polyphonicspree will be playing today... Things are gonna get trippy

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An Oddbird in Turkey

Quote about your inspirations in Turkey - the places you visited, how things were made, the people who make them...  I can't even begin to explain how inspired I am... These are coming home! New chapter begins. ODDBIRD is born

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