Artist Series :: Chloe Purpero Johnson

Quarantine Creations with @cocoshalom

We have found it so inspiring to watch the artists we admire using their time indoors to focus on their creativity and self-expression. We wanted to highlight some of our favorite makers in the hopes of encouraging our entire community to spend a little time on the healing act of making art.

Whatever medium, getting your hands dirty and expressing yourself through your chosen art form is one of the most incredible ways to release stress, increase endorphins and find moments of necessary peace in this time of isolation.

We hope you find this series to be as inspiring for you as it has been for us.

We are so excited to introduce you to Chloe Purpero Johnson, an incredible young painter from North Carolina as artist #2 in our ongoing series.

"I spend the working hours of my day alone. My studio is my cocoon. My alone time is beyond meditative. When I paint, I am guaranteed to completely lose track of time as my mind gets helplessly lost in the most freeing way.

Due to the nature of my work, my day to day hasn’t taken new shape in any drastic way since quarantine. My husband (Gabriel) and I go on a miles-long walk everyday, mindful to listen to the birds and smell the flowers. I feel like these walks have kept us sane. If at all possible, I’d say the stay at home order fell on the perfect season.

Everything around us is blooming and becoming more colorful, which is something I am most sensitive to when I paint. I have admittedly been self conscious in the past with the colors I use, comparing myself to artists who prefer a more neutral palette. I finally learned to embrace my adoration for vivacious colors and feel less restricted and more liberated because of it!

- Chloe

Chloe is pictured in her home studio wearing our 'Dalga' Kimono Robe

We asked each of the artists featured in this series to put together an 'in the studio playlist' via Spotify. Chloe offers some fun tunes to get those creative juices flowing!

Find the playlist here

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