Artist Series :: Soula Pefkaros

Quarantine Creations with Soula from @GoldenRatioClayWorks

We have found it so inspiring to watch the artists we admire using their time indoors to focus on their creativity and self-expression. We wanted to highlight some of our favorite makers in the hopes of encouraging our entire community to spend a little time on the healing act of making art.

Whatever medium, getting your hands dirty and expressing yourself through your chosen art form is one of the most incredible ways to release stress, increase endorphins and find moments of necessary peace in this time of isolation.
We hope you find this series to be as inspiring for you as it has been for us.

Soula pictured in her studio, wearing our Kaftan Lounge dress

"There is something so rich and warm about Soula's work. Something nostalgic and quietly romantic, yet timeless and robust.

The weight of her pieces sits heavy in your hands and each time you pick it up you just know you will have it with you for a lifetime... and that for me is the most comforting feeling.

Dependability and beauty in every curve.

For the years I've known Soula, albeit from afar, I feel like this could also describe her perfectly too. Strong and delicate all in one perfect parcel."

- Ceren ✨ 



From Soula, on her throwing playlist...

"I've forgotten how to make a good playlist. It's a muscle I haven't used in a while. But for what it's worth, I've put together a collection of songs I often play while creating in my ceramics studio. A younger me would have put these in much better listening order, but alas my talents go elsewhere at the moment. This is the moody edition of studio songs; I save the higher energy music for cleaning up. But most days, my throwing music is moody, emotional, and downright heartachey. I start my days in the studio slowly; ceramics is a deeply somatic practice and moody music helps me ease into my body and sync with the clay. It helps me open. Clay is an emotional material; it is both fragile and resilient, capable of transformation. And it has a living memory - the memory of how it has been worked becomes embedded in the molecules. Clay asks us to be open. Working with clay, I create my best when in the sweet spot where I am deeply focused but not overthinking, where my heart and senses become a channel for emotions and memories to move like water. These are some tunes that help me get in that space. Creating in that space is always good for my soul and it is helping me especially now as we all navigate this time. And, yes, you'll notice a lot of The National on this playlist - they are, unabashedly, my favorites of late."