Limited Edition Nokta Turkish Towel

$75.00 USD


Nokta Gibi, a term that evokes cherished memories of relatives gently pinching your cheeks while marveling at the perfection of your little nose and eyes, as though sculpted by the heavens themselves. In Türkiye, it stands as the highest form of praise, a heartfelt compliment reserved for children whose features seem somewhat magically placed.

As intentional as the little features on a beautiful face, our newest OB creation showcases intricately woven nokta's (dots) that are designed to converge like pieces of a puzzle to create a perfect canvas of monochrome beauty. 

Lovingly crafted from luxury 100% Turkish cotton, Oddbird's oversized Nokta Beach/Bath Towel is as limited as it is cozy! 

Available in a very small batch of only 50 pieces, Our spin on the classic terry towel is truly one for the ages!

Details & Care

Dimensions: Bath Towel - 75” x 35”

Thread Gauge: Heavy-Weight

Colorway: Multicolor

Fiber Blend: 100% cotton

Care instructions: Cold-water wash and line dry. Tumble dry on a delicate setting is also fine and will assist in the ‘breaking in’ of your towels. Visit our Product Care page for more information.

Customer Reviews

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Gaye Keough
Best beautiful plushy towel in the world!

I purchased this special towel as a surprise gift to my husband. The minute i saw it here I knew immediately he would love it, and he does!
I use it sometimes too and am just in awe at the incredible softness and wonderful absorbency! It’s unique and lovely in colour as well style. Overall a definite win, and I hope there’s more coming!


I've been a bid Odd Bird fan for a while, so when I saw the Insta post about these towels, I had to order them. I just received two today, and I'm so happy with my purchase! They're big, fluffy, and gorgeous. The pattern and colors are really cool. I hope there are more like this in the future!!