Wash in COLD water and hang dry to avoid shrinkage. REMEMBER: handmade items require a little more care when laundering.


We recommend soaking your Oddbird towel for 4-6 hours in cold water before your first wash. This process ensures optimal absorption of our natural, unprocessed cottons & linens.

Follow the soak with a warm-water wash and either line-dry your towels or tumble dry on a low heat setting. (Please note that tumble-drying may result in a slight shrinkage of your towels but will also speed up the initial 'breaking in' process).

Please note, your Oddbird Co. towel may take 3-4 washes before it reaches the ideal texture and absorbency and you may notice it shedding while going through this 'breaking in' process. Once it is broken in, your towels will only continue to get better and better.


Handwoven garments will naturally have a looser weave than factory-made fabrics and therefor you may find that laundering your pieces using a drier-cycle will often reduce the size of the garment. hand-washing and hanging to dry is ideal for our handwoven robes, however, if you feel that there is some room of give in the sizing of the garment, using the washer and drier on a delicate setting is also fine. Using a garment wash bag is recommended. Dry cleaning friendly.


Our Ottoman Blankets love a cold-water wash with a natural fabric softener, followed by a tumble dry on low heat. High heat will result in over-tightening of the weave of the blanket.

Accidentally tumbled dried your handwoven blanket and tightened its weave? No need to fret there are 2 great solutions!
~ A good steam iron will help relax that weave and bring it back to its original texture and size OR;
~ Soak the blanket in a sink of lukewarm water with fabric softener for 3-4 hours and run it through another delicate wash cycle followed by a delicate tumble dry on a low heat. The fabric softener soak should loosen the weave up nicely and bring it back to its original texture and size.


We are so proud to offer a truly unique fabrication for our loungewear collection that is arguably the softest cotton we’ve ever felt. Our luxury, 100% Turkish Cotton Gauze is woven to order from locally-sourced Turkish cotton and designed specifically to feel light and breathable as though it were a second-skin. The weave is on the looser side so it affords the fabric the incredible drape and hand-feel that we are known for. Please note that because this luxury fabrication is more delicate in nature, it may require a little extra care when wearing and laundering to maintain the integrity of the garment for years to come.

Hand-washing and hanging to dry is ideal for our loungewear, however if you feel that there is some room of give in the sizing of the garment, using the washer and drier on a delicate setting is also fine. Using a garment wash bag is recommended. Dry cleaning friendly.

Have a snag in your fabric? No problem!
Lay your garment flat and massage the snagged thread back into the weave by gently pulling it with your fingertips, first with the vertical grain and then with the horizontal grain until as much of the thread is pulled back into place. If there is a thread protruding at the surface you may simply snip that thread without fear of creating a hole. You may follow these steps by laundering your garment and running it through a gentle tumble-dry to tighten the fabrication and render the snag virtually invisible.

Please note: dryer usage can create slight shrinkage in handwoven cottons and linens. Steaming your garment will often bring it back to its original size.


Our Rainbow Collection features a traditional 'ŠANTUK' weave which is famous for its remarkable texture. To care for any piece in this collection we recommend a pre-soak in cold water for 4-6 hours with a natural softener prior to its first wash. Follow this with a cold wash and line dry. Do not tumble dry. Ironing your rainbow pieces will restore its pre-laundered character for those who prefer less texture.


For our Turkish Towels we strongly encourage a pre-soak in cold water for 4-6 hours followed by a cold-water wash and line dry. Tumble dry on a delicate setting is also fine and will assist in the ‘breaking in’ of your towels. Please note, dryer usage can often contribute to a slight shrinkage of cotton and linen textiles so keep heat to a delicate setting.

All of our textiles are woven from the highest quality, unprocessed cottons and linens and therefore require a small period of ‘breaking in’ to reveal their true softness, as well as increase their absorbency. We opt to use these unprocessed fibres, as they not only increase the lifespan of the textile and ensure that the towel can and will serve you well for decades, but are also not treated with the harsh chemicals making our pieces a uniquely sustainable choice.

This ‘breaking in’ process requires a nice soak (for optimal results, include a natural fabric softener) for 4-6 hours followed with a wash and dry cycle. This soaking process allows for the threads to fully hydrate and plump and in turn, increases the absorbency of the towel. Once the initial ‘breaking in’ is complete, the towels will get better and better with time and use and will continually increase in both softness and absorbency.

Many Turkish towels available on the current market are factory-made using bleached and over-processed fibres, and some even including polyester to obtain a luxury drape and initial softness from the get go. However, these factory-made towels tend to last for a fraction of the amount of time our towels last for..


Simply snip the loop to be even with the rest of the loops.


Use any store-bought stain treatment, but be careful to avoid bleach. A paste made with baking soda and vinegar also works wonders and is an all natural way to remove stains.