Mustard Ottoman Handwoven Blanket


Ethically-made in small batches and handwoven from a heavy-weight cotton blend on century-old shuttle looms in historic, Turkey. With a weight similar to a light Kilim rug, these blankets are completely machine washable, sturdy enough to take outdoors on family picnics yet are luxurious enough for use around the home to function as an eye-catching bedding layer or as a pop-of color in any living room.

Measurements: 5.5 ft x 8.5ft on average. (Dimensions are approximate as our blankets are made by hand and can vary slightly in width and length.)


Measurement: 5.5 ft x 8.5ft on average. (Dimensions are approximate as our blankets are made by hand and can vary slightly in width and length.)

Thread Gauge: Heavy-Weight

Colorway: Mustard

Fiber Blend: 80% Cotton / 20% Viscose

Weight: 6lbs

Blankets come pre-shrunk.


Care instructions: Completely machine washable: cold wash, low heat dryer cycle. DO NOT USE BLEACH. Visit our Product Care page for more information.

Customer Reviews

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Hannah L

I’ve been looking to upgrade my bedspread for awhile now and debated getting this blanket for nearly a year. I really wanted to make sure the love was real before investing in this piece. Let me tell you, it’s been 100% worth the wait. The detail of the weave is gorgeous, and is finished for both sides (you don’t get any of the poor construction on the “back” that I’ve encountered in other, cheaper woven blankets). I did get this blanket to be a top bedspread layer for a queen bed and didn’t realize it’s a little “shorter” than some blankets, but also wider. That’s not been a problem for me but I think worth mentioning for someone reading reviews before purchasing. But serious, very lovely blanket and great construction. Would buy again.


The perfect weight, softness, coziness, and style! I am in love and already planning on choosing my next one! I love, love, love!!!

love this so hard

I’ve wanted this blanket for a couple years now! It’s a lovely weight, beautiful texture and pattern. Washes easily on cold. We keeps this on our couch (By Albany Park - also love!) and my fella who usually hates blankets has been wanting to cuddle up under it, too. It has a surprising almost waffle texture and is soft. Medium weight to it and just absolutely beautiful. Brings a lot of warmth and refined character to our eclectic and cozy living room.I absolutely love it and will treasure it for years and years to come. The mustard is the most perfect yellow.

Sarah G.
Beautiful quality blanket

I love this mustard blanket! The color, weight, and design are perfection.
I purchased the blanket as a summer bed covering. I did not read the dimensions which are 5.5 x 8.5 and does not fit my queen bed. It is too short one way and too long the other. This was my mistake in not reading the dimensions.
I will not be returning it as I'm still in love with it! Just not right as a full bed covering for a queen.

Julie Caverly
Beautiful quality

This is the perfect weight, lovely color and worth every dime!!

Mustard Ottoman Handwoven Blanket

Mustard Ottoman Handwoven Blanket