〰️ NEW 〰️ Turquoise Mosaic Handwoven Blanket

$195.00 USD
Ships December 13, 2023



Prized by the Turkish culture as a symbol of luck, protection and prosperity, Turquoise, one is one of the most cherished colors to adorn the home and one of the most requested shades for our handcrafted textiles!

Born from a 6-year love affair with the beloved Ottoman Blanket, our newest addition is everything you loved (and collected!) in our staple Oddbird piece... but dare we say... now perfected?! 

Inspired by the ancient Iznik tile-work that meticulously canvases the historic mosques of Turkiye, our Mosaic Blanket features a modern interpretation of a traditional patchwork design, paying homage to Turkiye's long and illustrious history of this remarkable art form while honoring the boldness you loved in our original Ottoman!

Crafted ethically and sustainably, using the beloved weaving technique that made our Ottoman famous, our newest Oddbird layer checks every box we envisioned during the redesign.

Boasting a stunning weight akin to a light Kilim rug and a luxurious silk-like hand feel, this multifunctional heirloom layer is not only completely machine washable, perfect for both outdoor picnics and adding a touch of luxury to your home, but is also now offered in an enormous standard size!

Ethically-made in small batches and handwoven from a heavy-weight cotton blend on century-old shuttle looms in historic, Turkey. With a weight similar to a light Kilim rug, these blankets are completely machine washable, sturdy enough to take outdoors on family picnics yet are luxurious enough for use around the home to function as an eye-catching bedding layer or as a pop-of color in any living room. 

Details & Care

Measurement: 190cm x 240cm on average. (Dimensions are approximate as our blankets are made by hand and can vary slightly in width and length.) Fits Twin, Full and Queen sized beds.

Thread Gauge: Heavy-Weight

Colorway: Burnt Orange

Fiber Blend: 80% Cotton / 20% Viscose

Weight: 6lbs

Blankets come pre-shrunk.

Care instructions: Completely machine washable: cold wash, low heat dryer cycle. DO NOT USE BLEACH. Visit our Product Care page for more information.

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful, stunning, our favorite blanket.

We've had the Ottoman blanket in mustard for over a year, and use it daily on our living room couch. When the new Mosaic blanket came out in turquoise...we jumped at it for our bedroom! We have mostly dusty pinks and turquoise throughout the room, so it fit in perfectly. My fella isn't really one for blankets...but he loves this one and says it's, "the perfect every day blanket, and for when you're sick." The weight is wonderful, and doesn't make you overheat but keeps you cozy. It gets softer with every wash, but doesn't look worn or threadbare. The design is so beautiful and vibrant. It covers our queen size bed well...but we've also used it while traveling. And when it arrived -- the scent was incredible! Ceren...that fabric softener is dreamy, along with the blanket! :-). We will treasure this piece for years to come. It's incredibly well-made.


I love this blanket. The colors and design are beautiful. The quality of the material and craftsmanship are excellent. Very happy with my purchase.