Born in Turkey and raised in Australia, founder Ceren Alkaç-Lee lived in a perpetual juxtaposition of cultures throughout her youth. 

Returning to Turkey as a mature woman versed in western fashion, sewing and design, Ceren newly discovered the incredible depth of her culture and the time-honored tradition of handcrafted work. In an effort move away from the ever-growing fast-fashion culture, OddBird was born. 

"We at OddBird Co. are dedicated to bringing traditional handmade Turkish textiles to a new generation. We believe in ethically-made, small-batch fashion that is focused on quality, classic design and multi-use functionality."

Tips & Care Instructions

Like all objects meant to last a lifetime, your Turkish towel will need proper care and a little extra maintenance from time to time. Here we share how to regularly care for your pieces, and we address some common Turkish towel issues that you can take care of on your own.

Wash Suggestions
Repairing tassels
Repairing a pulled loop
Treating spills & stains


Towel Measurements: 40"x80"

Some towels may look larger than others based on texture and grain. Linen towels tend to pull along the vertical grain once washed and may appear more narrow, but all towels are woven on the same 40" loom.  


custom collaborations

 Need a specific sized pillow to fit a bed, bench or bay window? Have some references and can’t find the rug of your dreams? Perhaps you have a space that needs some TLC and are low on inspiration? The girls at Oddbird Co. are equipped to work with you to help make your space perfect.

Can't find the right fit? Our clothing is made in small batches so we can easily accommodate custom measurements.


Wholesale inquiries

OddBird brings a handmade eclectic feel to any place of business, so if you have a boutique hotel to furnish, or would like to stock OddBird in your store location, please review our wholesale catalog and submit your request for consideration.