Ethically Made

We believe even a small business can make big change, like a little bird with a big song. Oddbird Co. focuses on small-batch slow fashion designed to last a lifetime. 

Our Textiles are handwoven with the highest quality 100% natural fibers, and designed to have a multi-use functionality, so that our customers can buy less and use more. 

Ethically Priced

We like to think of Oddbird Co. as a big family. We consider ourselves to be equal partners with our weavers and customers alike. Aiming to provide a sustainably-made alternative at an affordable price, our hope is that many homes can afford to shop with us, so we can further support our artisans.

As a major focus of our ethics platform we provide our weavers with fair wages and working conditions, with a strict policy of 'no price negotiations’... We pay the price the artisan sets, so they can not only sustain their own family's needs, but thrive on their talents.

Beautifully Curated

We are dedicated to bringing traditional handcrafted Turkish textiles to a new generation of conscious consumers. 

Our collection's foundation is in versatile functionality. A single piece can be styled in a multitude of ways, giving customers transformational tools to create their own eclectic individuality. It's not just what you wear but how you wear it. 

Oddbird's aesthetic weaves centuries-old basics with modern design and fabrication that can elevate any home, space or wardrobe.