Tips & Care Instructions

Wash in COLD water and Hang dry to avoid shrinkage. 
REMEMBER: handmade items require a little more care when laundering.


Turkish Sile cloth has a vertical grain and the texture of the fabric will become more pronounced after the first wash/dry. Hang Dry to avoid shrinkage, and iron to reduce texture if desired. Dry cleaning is a great option to keep the structural integrity of the pockets, collars and overall size. 

Turkish Robes

Remove sash and do not launder unless necessary. If you do need to launder the sash please hang to dry and smooth it down with your hands while wet so it remains flat. Do not tumble dry. 

Kimono loungewear

Our Kimono sets are designed to be oversized so they are a breeze to launder. If you throw me in the drier I will get a little smaller but I will be buttery soft and the true texture of my textile will emerge. Do not tumble dry. 


Our Rainbow Collection features a traditional 'ŠANTUK' weave which is famous for its remarkable texture. To care for any piece in this collection we recommend a pre-soak in cold water for 4-6 hours with a natural softener prior to its first wash. Follow this with a cold wash and line dry. Do not tumble dry. Ironing your rainbow pieces will restore its pre-laundered character for those who prefer less texture.