In 2016, our first full year of business, The ‘fast-fashion’ industry in the USA alone was responsible for over 16 million tons of textile waste, with consumers opting for cheaper items, made in appalling working conditions and designed to be ‘disposable’ or ‘temporary’ because it was more readily available.

I wanted to create a company that could be even a small part of the movement to offer the conscious consumer a better alternative. Not only for our Mother Earth but also to sustain our customer's needs.

We are incredibly proud to be an ethically-made brand with a major focus on creating a product that is made and sold at a fair price and designed to last.

That is where our platform of ‘Ethically-made and ethically-priced” was born.

We aim to offer the highest quality textiles at fair prices so we can support our talented artisans and our customers alike while having the opportunity to be a brand that helps continue the conversation of sustainable fashion.