Our Story

Oddbird Co. was established in late 2015 Ceren Alkaç-Lee (pronounced Jeren), a Turkish native, wife and mother to 5 who now resides in Los Angeles.

Oddbird was born from Ceren’s deep desire to showcase and share the traditional handcrafted textiles of her homeland of Turkey while creating sustainable alternatives to the most used and loved items for the home and body.

In the year 2000 most fashion companies were producing only 2 collections per year, however, by 2011 most brands switched to 5 collections, with global fast fashion brands like Zara and H&M producing between 12 and 24 collections in just one year!*

In 2016, our first full year of business, The ‘fast-fashion’ industry in the USA alone was responsible for over 16 million tons of textile waste, with consumers opting for cheaper items, made in inadequate working conditions and designed to be ‘disposable’ or ‘temporary’. (Seasonless and timless transitional classic color palattes here for the long haul)