Our Story

Aware that, like her, there was a growing community striving to shop consciously to lessen their environmental impact through thier consumer habits, Ceren began sourcing 100% natural fibres, handwoven in her homeland, to create multi-functional homewares that would stand the test of time and serve a myriad of purposes, so we could not only buy less and use more, but we could also shop small-batch.

She wanted to be even a small part of the movement to offer the conscious consumer a better alternative, but to also be a brand that offered the craftsman an ethical partner.

Working with family weavers who have practiced their craft for generations, Oddbird’s goal is not only to support artisan in their craft so that they are able to keep the tradition alive, but to ensure they are thriving both at work and in their personal lives. For this reason, Oddbird has always and will continue to pay our artisans above industry standards. Our dream is that as we grow, we’re able to take our artisans with us, so our success is their success.

We are incredibly proud to be a sustainably-made brand with a major focus on creating products that are made in small batches and require a craftsman’s touch to guarantee a really special product. Where our products stand out from other Turkish homewares is in the use of 100-year-old looms that require trained artisans, unlike many brands who buy solely machine-made textiles from Turkey for their products.