Our Story

Our products are made from 100% natural, mostly raw, unprocessed fibers, or recycled fibres, not only to ensure the lifespan of the textile but also to ensure that if our pieces should ever meet a landfill, they are biodegradable.

Our garments are mostly handwoven, finished with reinforced seams, designed to only get better with use and wear. We design each product with multi-functionality in mind, making sure that our customers are getting the most out of a single item. And with the proper care and love for your Oddbird pieces, our customer’s won’t need to replace their most loved items for many years. We also offer complimentary lifetime repairs on all of our pieces to ensure their longevity. (see policies page for details)

We are proud to be a brand contributing to the growing conversation of sustainability and ethics in fashion and are honored to be able to serve customers looking for something of quality and integrity when purchasing even the most elemental of pieces for their home and body.

*source: Business Insider, https://bit.ly/3obGfVm