Gelin Robe Collection

$189.00 USD

Handcrafted by local artisans, our Turkish textiles are all ethically and sustainably made with pride.

Multifunctional and quick-drying, it can easily be packed into a summer bag to be taken to the beach, worn as a duster coat over jeans, or a cover-up over lingerie or after a bath. Great to throw on in the morning while enjoying your cup of coffee and whipping up breakfast.

The gorgeous counterpart to our ‘Damat’ robe in Grey, this luxurious mid-weight garment is distinguished by its silky drape, wonderful warmth and its creamy coffee colorway and indigo pin-striping.

Details & Care

Thread Gauge: Mid-Weight (Slightly thicker than its counterpart the ‘Damat’)

Colorway: Creamy coffee with Indigo pinstriping

Fiber Blend: 100% cotton

Care instructions: Our robes are all made by hand with love and recommended to be washed similarly to keep the integrity of the textile. Washing on a delicate cycle with cold water in a laundry bag is recommended if hand washing is not realistic. Visit our Product Care page for more information.

Customer Reviews

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I have been living in this robe since I got it, and I'm beyond impressed with the quality of the fabric. I managed to get ice cream on the sleeve the first day I wore it, and it came out immediately with just a quick water rinse - no signs of a stain anywhere! I can tell already that this robe is going to be worn and loved for a long, long time, and look incredible all the while.

Lovely but should've taken a closer look

I love the weight and softness of this robe, right out of the box. My only qualm is that I should've taken a much closer look at the colors in the pictures. I thought this was a natural oatmeal base with black pin-stripes. It's actually a blend of brown and white thread that looks like oatmeal from a distance. I don't really love the heathered effect of these two colors together and would've preferred a single color base. I won't bother with an exchange because it's the perfect weight and comfiness, but I'm not as over-the-moon in love as I was hoping to be.

Sharron Toews
Gelin Robe - A Christmas Present Success!

I bought the “Gelin" Robe for my husband for Christmas. I purchased the “Gunes” for myself earlier in the summer and loved it. The Gelin is the perfect weight for the Canadian Prairie Winter. I’m now saving my pennies for a similar one for myself….The quality is impeccable !

Jody Lewis

Gelin Robe Collection

Julia Hayes

First of all, the quality of the robe itself is great. My issue is that I added on the monogrammed embroidery. I wanted it to be subtle so I chose the lighter colored embroidery. I assumed since it was an option that it would show up on the fabric. I wish I could post a photo here - but basically the embroidery is completely invisible because of the color and texture of the robe. Like legit I could not find it until I looked on the inside of the robe and saw where it was attached. It’s kinda lame but not the end of the world. However because of other reviews here, it seemed like I should size up - so I got an XL. It’s wayyy too big, and I really wish I’d gotten a L (I’m 5’6” and 180 lbs/curvy for reference).
Anyway, because of the invisible embroidery I’m not able to return or exchange the robe. It really sucks and when I contacted the company about it, I was basically told it’s my fault. And that “monochrome embroidery is trending”. Sure, I get that (there’s an example of monochrome embroidery when you choose the color you want), but it’s still visible at least. My robe basically has a tiny rough patch where the texture feels slightly different. It’s absolutely not legible, and I feel like whoever did the embroidery was probably thinking “lol what an idiot” because it’s clearly a waste of time and money. I just wish they wouldn’t have it as an option, would have reached out to me, or offered to help at all when I showed them the item. I just want a robe that fits, I don’t even care about the embroidery, but it’s lame that they basically said it’s my fault.

Hi there Julia,

We're sorry to hear that you were unsatisfied with your purchase. When we reached back to you, it wasn't to blame but rather to share with you the resources we provide to ensure that you are able to make the best choice possible for your customized robe ahead of your purchase. We offer detailed measurements of each robe and encourage customers in the section right above the embroidery listing to reach out to us if they have any questions regarding size as we are not able to return customized items whether it be embroidery or alteration. Had we recommended this size to you and it ended up not working out, we might have been able to make a one-time exception.

Additionally we shared with you that the reason we recommend our garments be hand washed and hang dried was to avoid potential shrinkage since our robes are made from raw unprocessed fibers. Since you are finding your robe to be a bit too big, machine washing and drying your robe on a delicate setting would help to draw in the weave and give you a fit that was closer to what you were looking to get as an alternative to an exchange. This is something we also note in the Product Care section of our website. We even have customers intentionally order their robe much bigger knowing that they will want to be a little less careful with laundering their robe and leave plenty of room to be able to wash and dry their robes as they please.

In regards to the embroidery we provide samples of the colors that we offer and even have a photo of the Gelin robe we offered in our recommended color combination (Charcoal) so that customers will have an idea of what they can expect form each thread color. As of now, we don't have a way to isolate each combination of robes and thread so we instead opted to provide photos of the color, size, and placement and encourage customers to reach out to us with any questions. We had received requests for the Antique Beige embroidery on a Gelin robe in the past so when we received your request it didn't strike us as odd. From our perspective, removing the Antique Beige option from the Gelin robe listing would prevent others from being able to choose that option for themselves as many have done in the past.

Being that we are a small, ethically made business with margins that reflect that, we try to be as transparent as possible about our policies and have an entire page dedicated to different questions customers may ask before or after making a purchase whether about textile discrepancies, lost packages, the fit of a garment, or returns. Again we apologize for this inconvenience but we are not able to accept returns for customized items. This policy is firm.

We hope that this will help to clear up any miscommunication as we would never want you to feel as though we aren't willing to assist where we can, but it would simply be unfair to other customers who have been unable to return customized items to make an exception in this case.

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding this, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team, we are always happy to try and find a suitable solution.
The small but mighty team at Oddbird Co.