Sultan Robe Collection

$189.00 USD

Handcrafted by local artisans, our Turkish textiles ethically and sustainably-made in small batches with pride and designed to only get better with use.

Featuring a sleek duo-chromatic design, this neutral staple in our collection is an Oddbird fan favorite sporting bold charcoal stripes against a cool cream base, that releases a remarkable texture the more it is laundered and enjoyed.

Multifunctional and quick drying, it can easily be packed into a summer bag to be taken to the beach, worn as a duster coat over jeans, or a cover-up over lingerie or after a bath. Great to throw on in the morning while enjoying your cup of coffee and whipping up breakfast.

Details & Care

Thread Gauge: Light-weight

Colorway: Cream base with Charcoal striping

Fiber Blend: 100% cotton

Care instructions: Our robes are all made by hand with love and recommended to be washed similarly to keep the integrity of the textile. Washing on a delicate cycle with cold water in a laundry bag is recommended if hand washing is not realistic. Visit our Product Care page for more information.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

Soft & long enough- love the pocket- I’ve been looking for a pool wrap and robe- this is it!

Jay C.
I love it but it shrunk…A lot. 😞

Glad I sized up.

Hi there Jessie!

Thank you so much for your helpful feedback!

We are so sorry to hear about your robe! On the 'Product Care' tab of our website we do mention a few tips and tricks for taking care of your new handmade items as well as a notice at the top of the page that reads: 'Wash in COLD water and hang dry to avoid shrinkage.
PLEASE REMEMBER: Handmade items require a little more care when laundering.'

Not to worry, you may be able to get some of the original shape to return with a steam iron and gentle hand stretching. If you need more information regarding this, feel free to reach out to our customer service team at and we would be more than happy to assist you!

We so look forward to finding a solution for you and wish you a lovely day✨

Rae M.
Perfect for a heat intolerant person.

I absolutely love this robe. The 100% cotton make-up is both tactile, comfortable & super breezy. I am a mid-size woman who recently entered into this size range. When I put on weight, I started having certain intolerances, like I can't wear itchy sweaters anymore, or long sleeve shirts and I am super sensitive to heat. I recently owned the gorgeous Canli robe in a M/L size, but unfortunately grew out of it. In order to investigate some textile options for my next purchase, I bought a couple of the hand towel/hair towels. I ended up really liking the sultan material.
I've worn this robe for a couple weeks pretty regularly. It is great for after a shower & lounging at home. In the fall I plan to wear it as a duster over jeans, with ankle boots. The pockets can't be beat either. They are nice & big.
I have only washed the robe a couple times so far, delicate cycle & hung to dry. The fabric holds up nicely & the nubbiness looks even better IMHO.

Thank you for the perfect year-round robe!

Mushi P.
The Sultan Robe is almost perfect!

The fabric has a great hand to it! I love the texture of the yarns. However it does appear to be a bit sheer in places and I can sometimes see the color of my underwear through it. The robe is lightweight and good for warm weather. I have had my robe for a month now, but I noticed the fabric was beginning to pill very much after wearing the robe for one hour a day for the first fourteen days. The robe didn't thankfully didn't shrink after I washed it on the delicate cycle and dried it slightly on a low temperature in the dryer. It was also suspiciously even softer than before! The robe brings me so much joy and comfort when I wear it and I really feel like it helps me relax after a day of work. It really is one of my favorite articles of clothing. I was hoping to wear it out of the house as well, but the fabric is pilling so much I feel like it does not look presentable enough to wear to the office and by the time it will be safe to go out and socialize again I am not sure if the condition of the fabric will have degraded further. The Sultan robe is almost perfect! I do love it but I won't be able to use it in all the ways I intended to when I bought it.
Color: It's a bit difficult to tell what color the robe is based on the photos from the robe and towel product pages and also on Instagram. The robe is an off-white color with black stripes. On my monitor the stripes appear to be blue-gray or even brown. I kind of wish there was a way to request swatches of the different robe and towel fabrics (to have a better idea of color and texture, and also before committing to an ethically-priced purchase), but some items sell out so fast that when you do decide to place an order you are either only left with a few options to choose from or you need to wait for your other choices to be re-stocked.
Fit: I am about 5'3" and 150 lbs. The Small / Medium is a good length on me and a size larger would look too baggy. I wish the front part of the robe was wider; after I tie my robe and walk around the house a little the fabric slides and the robe opens up. It's a bit bothersome to have to re-tie the robe so frequently and have to constantly make sure I am entirely covered when I take out the trash.

Hi Mikana!
Thank you so much for such a thoughtful review!
We are so glad your Sultan Robe is bringing you so much comfort and joy!
In regards to the pilling - due to the fact that we use locally-sourced unprocessed cottons and linens our garments often have a 'breaking in' period where you may find them to malt or pill slightly as the natural fibers shed their natural layers. If you refer the care instructions provided in the package , we recommend a pre-soak of our garments before the first wash which is a wonderful first step to speed up that process while also shortening that time-span of any shedding. That being said, if this pilling lasts longer than 3-4 washes please reach out to us! We will happily replace your robe as this should not last longer than 3-4 washes at most!

Again, thank you so much for your order and taking the time to review your robe!
Your feedback is a crucial part of our growth as we continue to perfect our offerings.

Kayla Powers
I love my robe

I love this robe!! It’s soft and breezy but also feels cozy. It fits loosely and I might end up following the instructions to give it a wash and shrink it just a bit. I wear it every morning and some evenings and am very pleased with my purchase. The package it arrived in was also such a nice surprise!