Waste Not Want Not - Morning Routine Headband (Classics Collection)

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Introducing our WNWN Morning Routine Headband.

The ideal partner to your morning rituals, the WNWN headband repurposes our scrap fabric into these functional and absorbent accessories, ideal for make-up application, skin-care and self-care routines and also functions as a cute hairpiece.

Made from a blend of Turkish cotton and linen, these cute accessories are a beautiful accompaniment to an Oddbird robe or towel, whether a well-deserved gift to pamper yourself or a thoughtful gift for someone you love.

(Elastic measures 19 inches flat and can comfortably stretch over a head of 23 inches. Machine washable)

Customer Reviews

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Sabrina Pritchard
Perfect for my morning skincare routine

I love these headbands for two reasons. First, because they utilize excess fabric that would have otherwise just been tossed into the landfill, but also because it's the perfect headband for my skincare routine. They fit perfectly and their design is beautiful! Love <3

It's lovely but room for improvement!

I love the look and feel of this headband- but the elastic is constantly twisting around inside the fabric and it's rather annoying to always be fixing it! This headband seems more appropriate as a free gift with purchase, unless the construction is improved.