Waste Not Want Not - Morning Routine Headband (Core Collection)

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Introducing our WNWN Morning Routine Headband.
The ideal partner to your morning rituals, the WNWN headband repurposes our scrap fabric into these functional and absorbent accessories, ideal for make-up application, skin-care and self-care routines and also functions as a cute hairpiece.

Made from a blend of Turkish cotton and linen, these cute accessories are a beautiful accompaniment to an Oddbird robe or towel, whether a well-deserved gift to pamper yourself or a thoughtful gift for someone you love.

(Elastic measures 19 inches flat and can comfortably stretch over a head of 23 inches. Machine washable)

Customer Reviews

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Waste Not Want Not - Morning Routine Headband (Core Collection)

Christine Anderson
Overall a lovely piece

I love the width, softness and colors. My only wish is that the band was a little more snug.

Hi there Christine,

Thank you so much for reaching out to us with this feedback!

We opted to make the elastic a bit more relaxed this go around but will definitely look into perhaps offering size variations in the future!

We hope to see you back again soon✨

Nice but a bit bulky..

I would like a everyday all day headband that was a little bit less bulky. This is nice and I love the waste not want not recycling concept, but it's just a little too chunky overall for me to wear