Gelin Handwoven Towel

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These gorgeous mid-weight Turkish towels are made from a linen/raw-cotton blend and handwoven on traditional 100-year old shuttle looms. Sustainably made in small batches, this towel remains structured while becoming softer and more absorbent with every wash.

We believe in buying less and using more, with our Turkish towels being the greatest representation of this sustainability practice. Our Turkish towels are not only designed to be a functional bath/poolside towel, but are also a perfect breastfeeding cover, sarong over swimwear, tablecloth, light blanket and/or shawl.

Our Handwoven towels are ethically made and hypoallergenic, made of all natural fibers and 35% more economical to wash and dry than your standard towel.

The companion to our handwoven 'Damat' towel, the Gelin is distinguished by its warm coffee colorway with Indigo pin-striping. Hang in a bathroom to add some refined texture and warmth, throw it over a couch or even at the end of the bed as a blanket.

Details & Care

Dimensions: Bath Towel - 78” x 39”, Hand Towel - 40” x 20”

Thread Gauge: Mid-Weight (Slightly thicker than its counterpart DAMAT)

Colorway: Coffee and Grey with Navy pinstriping

Fiber Blend: 100% cotton 

Care instructions:Cold-water wash and line dry. Tumble dry on a delicate setting is also fine and will assist in the ‘breaking in’ of your towels. Visit our Product Care page for more information.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Kyla Armstrong
My favorite

I love this brand and these towels. I genuinely detest having to use the “regular” terry cloth when I have to wash these so bought another!

Sandra Horn
Amazingly Soft

I was looking for a striped towel with fringe to compliment my new modern bathroom with a Southwest decor. I found this website online and was captured by the cute baby picture. I'm so glad I did, the towels are wonderful, very different than anything I've ever used, and not only beautiful but lightweight, soft, big, and feel so good against my 81 year old skin. I am going to buy more and get rid of those thick, heavy terry ones that I have been using all my life. I'm so glad I found you and these towels are totally worth the investment. All my friends are envious.

Clare Benson
Like A Warm Hug

The texture and weight of the material is so soft and comforting. I have a robe and towel set and feel like royalty when I'm wrapped in them. I couldn't be happier with this purchase, and will definitely return for more someday.

A very delicate towel

Really lovely and more soft from the beginning than some of the others. I haven't identified why yet, but both the hand towel and the bath towel have developed areas of discoloration - patches that are orangey, but sparing the black thread woven through. OB customer service speculated it was something acidic that wasn't strong enough to fade the black threads. Since both towels have been used separately, I'm puzzled by what it would be. I haven't had this issue with any other OB towels, used in the same ways as these, so perhaps just more delicate? It unfortunately does detract a bit from the beauty of the pieces, but not functionality, of course.

Katy Norris
Quick dry

Took the time to presoak as directed before first wash and use. LOVE the quality, beautiful and functional. Dries very quickly.