Mavis Handwoven Towel

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These gorgeous mid-weight Turkish towels are made from a linen/raw-cotton blend and handwoven on traditional 100-year old shuttle looms. Sustainably made in small batches, this towel releases a beautiful texture one laundered, while becoming softer and more absorbent with every wash.

We believe in buying less and using more, with our Turkish towels being the greatest representation of this sustainability practice. Our Turkish towels are not only designed to be a functional bath/poolside towel, but are also a perfect breastfeeding cover, sarong over swimwear, tablecloth, light blanket and/or shawl.

Our Handwoven towels are ethically made and hypoallergenic, made of all natural fibers and 35% more economical to wash and dry than your standard towel.

An Oddbird staple, the ‘Mavis’ towel featuring its turquoise and charcoal stripes perfectly paired with a burlap color base is a refreshing and earthy addition to any outfit or any room in the house. Hang this gorgeous textile in your bathroom to add earthy texture and warmth.

Details & Care

Dimensions: Bath Towel - 78” x 39”, Hand Towel - 40” x 20”

Thread Gauge: Mid-Weight

Colorway: Burlap with turquoise and charcoal striping

Fiber Blend: 40% cotton / 60% linen

Care instructions:Cold-water wash and line dry. Tumble dry on a delicate setting is also fine and will assist in the ‘breaking in’ of your towels. Visit our Product Care page for more information.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Simply lovely

I loved it so much, I bought 3 other towels from Oddbird! The hand feel is lovely. I look forward to feeling it as it ages. The size is generous. The color way is earthy with a tiny pop of blue.

Maria P.
hand/hair towel

I bought two of the hand/hair towels. Full disclosure, I did not soak them in cold water at first, though that was the advice included with them. Not until I tried drying my hands with one of them and thought, "Well, that's not very absorbent," did I then reconsider the directions. Then I soaked them for about six hours, put them in a laundry bag, and sent them through a wash cycle. After that, I let them air-dry. They seem even softer (they were quite soft to begin with) *and* more absorbent now.

Charlotte Stevens

Love the two I bought. Perfect weight!

Jeff Strukel
Mavis towel

The towel is way bigger than I thought it was gonna be. It’s perfect to wrap around your waist or your head. Material is super soft and the colors, only odd bird get Source an offer. Got it from my wife for Mother’s Day and she loves it!