Sibel Handwoven Towel

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Ethically and Sustainably made in small batches, and handwoven with pride on 100-year old shuttle looms in historic Turkey, this luxury heavy-weight towel remains perfectly abrasive to exfoliate the skin naturally while removing excess water, while becoming softer and more absorbent with every wash.

We believe in buying less and using more, with our Turkish towels being the greatest representation of this sustainability practice. Our Turkish towels are not only designed to be a functional bath/poolside towel, but are also a perfect breastfeeding cover, sarong over swimwear, tablecloth, light blanket and/or shawl.

These towels are ethically made and hypoallergenic, and are made with all natural fibers.

With its gorgeous classic color palette with contrasting horizontal accent stripes in a traditional Ottoman weave,, this textile is a refined addition to any outfit or home decor.

Details & Care

Dimensions: Bath Towel - 78” x 39”

Thread Gauge: Heavy-Weight

Colorway: Black and White

Fiber Blend: 100% cotton

Care instructions: Our robes are all made by hand with love and recommended to be washed similarly to keep the integrity of the textile. Washing on a delicate cycle with cold water in a laundry bag is recommended if hand washing is not realistic. Visit our Product Care page for more information.

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Customer Reviews

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Gorgeous but not absorbent.

I purchased three odd bird towels (Sibel, Asya and Hazal) and they are gorgeous to look at! I'm really struggling with them because they are not absorbent at all. The good news is that they will be amazing shawls, picnic blankets, etc. But I'm really sad that they aren't the soft absorbent towels I was expecting. I also bought the Ottoman Blanket which is gorgeous as well, and I am looking forward to trying the Kardes Loungewear.

Hi Elizabeth,

Thank you so much for reaching out to us with this feedback!

We’re sorry that you have been experiencing lack of absorbency with your Oddbird towels.

All of our textiles are woven from high quality unprocessed cottons and linens and therefore require a small period of ‘breaking in’ to reveal their truest nature.
We opt to use these unprocessed fibers, as they increase the lifespan of the textile and ensure that the towel can and will serve you well for decades. This ‘breaking in’ process requires a nice soak (for optimal results, include a natural fabric softener) in cold water for 4-6 hours, followed by a wash and dry cycle. This soaking process allows for the threads to fully hydrate and plump and in turn, increases the absorbency of the towel. Usually this ‘breaking in’ process will take about 4-5 washes until it releases its consistent texture and hand.
Even though drier usage sometimes results in a little but of shrinkage, it also helps to speed up the softening process while also working to eliminate shedding much faster and stripping the fibers down so they are naturally bare and thirsty. Once the initial ‘breaking in’ is complete, the towels will get better and better with time and use and will continually increase in both softness and absorbency. You can find these care instructions available on our website here.

Please let us know if this lack of absorbency persists longer than 5 wash and dry cycles and we will replace your pieces with a different item from the collection that would better suit your needs, while giving your towels new life as a scrunchie! Just shoot a message over to our service team ( and we'll handle that right away!

The small but mighty team at Oddbird Co.

Crosby Canotas

Sibel Handwoven Towel

Athina Osmuss

It is all in the details! The packaging is simple and beautiful and so are the towels. What a perfect way to spoil myself.

Lara Wilhoit

Although the thread is loose on the edges, so I’ll have to do some work on it.


Lovely & large towel
Not sure about absorbency yet, feel damp after drying off.